About Us

Prestige Asset Solutions is a leading company which concentrates on harnessing energy from the sun using an ever-evolving technology to give our clients alternatives to power generation

Our Business

Prestige Asset Solutions offer experience in designing, installing and monitoring of a wide range of consumer and commercial power technology products and services.

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We specialise in the consultation, design and implementation of energy saving strategies and renewable energy solutions. Our approach to projects is all encompassing in that we are able to offer a diverse range of services and products through our technical expertise and alliance partners.

We pride ourselves in finding alternative solutions for its customers’ energy needs ensuring they become more independent of the current unpredictable electricity supply and costs, while at the same time, saving money and therefore improving profitability.

Prestige Asset Solutions will tailor a solution for their client’s specific needs, transforming their electricity cost from a high variable cost to a lower more predictable cost thereby justifying their financial investment while meeting their energy requirements.

Our projects include simple to advanced installations. We only use top quality products and are the only certified and approved systems. We are expanding the reach of the expertise of our workforce with the aim of providing excellent quality service while maintaining reasonable timeframe for completing every given project. We are poised to delivering tailored solutions in accordance with our clients’ demands for world-class technology. We are manned by seasoned professionals, technical and skilled personnel.

Our Believe

  • To provide high quality but affordable solar system for all residential and commercial purposes
  • To accelerate the adoption of solar energy systems in Ghana.
  • To be the leading provider of renewal energy in Ghana and West Africa
  • Designing and installing the highest quality solar energysystems
  • To contribute to innovation and growth in renewable energy across the country.
African american technician checks the maintenance of the solar panels. Group of three black engineers meeting at solar station. Make selfie by phone.